Care and safety using wheat bags

We test and test our wheat bags, to make sure they conform to BS8433:2004. Using pure wool, which is naturally flame retardant, further helps reduce any likelihood of burning. But like anything else you microwave, if you don’t follow the instructions carefully, you can still burn things, be it ready meals, broccoli, eggs, or wheat bags. We cannot guarantee someone won’t overdo it, but this is a list of guidelines to help ensure product safety.

It is important to realise that a wheat bag is not the same as a hot water bottle. If you put a hot water bottle in bed to warm it, the heat leaves the bottle and warms the bedding. This is not the same with a wheat bag, which is designed to transfer heat to your body, for muscle pain relief or to cuddle for warmth and comfort. If you leave it under bedding or blankets, it will get hotter and hotter and may burn. Never leave it unattended in bed. And yes, it may burn you too if you overheat it, please follow the instructions carefully.

Common causes of burning a wheat bag

  • The wheat bag was heated for longer than the instructions, or your microwave was a stronger wattage than you thought.

  • The wheat bag wasn’t reheated from room temperature, and was still too warm from before.

  • The microwave turntable wasn’t able to rotate freely, and therefore the bag got stuck in one place.

  • You folded the bag instead of laying it flat, and it created a hot spot.

  • There was food or liquid on the turntable, make sure it is clean first.

  • There was something stuck to the wheat bag, which made it smoulder.

  • The wheat bag might have been slightly damp from being wiped clean.

  • The wheat bag was covered after being heated, which made it smoulder.

General care

  • Store your wheat bag in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. If your wheat bag contains lavender, then put it away with your jumpers during the summer and it works like a lavender bag to prevent moth damage.

  • We use specially dried and cleaned wheat, but nevertheless it does contain some moisture. This leads to a slight dew or dampness on your wheat bag the first couple of times it is microwaved. DO NOT HEAT IT FOR LONGER! Definitely not. Just put it on a hot radiator for a couple of hours, and it will be fine. Otherwise, it will just stop doing it after a couple of times being microwaved.

  • Do not attempt to wash your wheat bag, it will all go horribly wrong and the wheat will swell up. Just use a damp cloth to wipe it, and again pop it on a hot radiator to make sure it is dry. If it is damp when you put it in the microwave it is more likely to burn.

  • Put a small dish of water in the microwave when you are heating the wheat bag, this helps the wheat stop getting too dried out over time, which can lead to burning. Having water in the microwave at the same time can absorb excess microwaves and prevent any possible damage to the microwave oven.

  • You can refresh the lavender fragrance by adding a few drops of essential oil. Don’t do this very often, or the oils might also lead to the wheat bag burning.

Dire warnings

  • Do not overheat your wheat bag, follow the instructions carefully

  • Don’t leave it unattended when you are microwaving it

  • Don’t let children microwave it, always supervise the little darlings

  • Don’t heat it up if you can see charring or discolouration

  • Don’t heat it again if it is still warm from last time, it must be room temperature

  • Definitely don’t leave it in bed or under blankets unattended, see above

  • Don’t put it away until it is completely cold. Leave it out on a fire-resistant surface to cool properly first

  • Don’t keep using the wheat bag if it is old or damaged, time for a new one

  • Be extra careful if you are elderly, or are giving to an elderly person, make sure they know the exact time to microwave it, and don’t let them leave it in bed

  • Never leave wheat bags near babies or very young children