Time for a proper look round

So you've found us, loved the colours, decided we feel right, and now it's time to shop.  That's always the best bit.  

Hot wheat bags

Made of traditional pure wool blanket fabric, with added gorgeous knitting.  Just microwave and cuddle. 

Rubber Water Bottles

Pure wool knitted covers in our own designs.  For the sneaky traditionalist.

Soothing eyemasks

Freeze these for migraine relief, or microwave them and use them hot for sinusitis, headaches, and tired eyes.


Pairs of colourful woolly nuggets, perfect for school runs or dog walks.  Apparently not perfect for a round of golf, but you can't have everything.

Cashmere neck-warmers

Recycled cashmere loveliness, in a properly useful size.  We've put a kilo of wheat in each one.  That's a lot.

Mad cat pictures

Knitting scraps turned into lovable characters, on wool blanket backgrounds.  Essential.